Monday, 19 December 2011


Hi to all visitors. Sorry I haven't been updating this blog regularly - I kind of forgot it existed for a while. I probably won't be updating it much from now on but feel free to contact me at: 


Mel xxx

Sunday, 30 January 2011


I guess it's one of the most written about subjects in blogs, so I thought I'd better join in. Many years ago, some of my earliest dressing experiences were with a girl who was a great friend and also open to all kinds of things - but those are other stories and maybe I'll tell you more about our adventures in another post (or ten...).
Anyway, one particular evening I was dressed at her flat and she'd just finished doing my makeup when the doorbell rang. She answered it and I listened in horror as she let her supposedly ex-boyfriend in. Now, her flat was basically the upstairs floor of a terraced house, so no back door. The only way out was through her bedroom window. I was cornered. What could I do? He certainly wasn't the sort of guy I could just appear to in my finery and say 'hi, how's it going?'. So, I disappeared into the bathroom and set about getting my makeup off - with just soap and water. I didn't have the chance to grab my male gear which I'd left in her bedroom. You can imagine how my mind was racing. She took him into her lounge and started chatting. I couldn't hear them so I assumed she'd told him I was there having a bath - itself, a little odd, but my only chance. So after quite a while. I managed to remove all fem traces from my face (I hoped). I also hoped she'd closed her lounge door so that I could creep past and into her room to get my male clothes. After what seemed like ages, I actually managed to appear to them in my male mode. All the time I wondered what she'd told him and what he'd actually say to me about why I was there and, furthermore, why I was having a bath for such a long time. To my surprise, he actually said nothing and carried on as normal, which was probably even more creepy. What a strange evening that turned out to be. 
I often wonder what he really was thinking, whether he realised or what would have happened had I appeared in fem mode. I guess I'll never know as I haven't seen either of them for many years.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Changing Rooms

I’ll kick off with a recent spontaneous Mel moment. I happened to have four odd hours to kill in an unfamiliar town in Buckinghamshire. It seemed the town had little to offer an out of uniform TV but some low-end fashion and charity shops. Of course, I had to visit them all. But, that left me with about three and a half hours still to kill. So, I wandered out of town and stumbled upon a retail outlet containing a few other shops – Next clearance shop and Matalan. Tried Next first - nothing but rubbish. So, I tried Matalan. I don’t usually shop there but had previously bought a cardigan from a different branch. This particular branch was massive and actually had loads of really good stuff. I was very tempted by quite a few items – a nice little skirt, a few tops etc. I wandered over to the sale section and immediately saw a great casual/smart dress. I was flicking through the rails completely conscious that all the other customers doing the same were women. There I was in full male mode, passing time with women, looking at dresses and skirts. Felt great. I was very tempted at this point to take the dress to the changing rooms but decided against it. Instead, I walked out of the shop and carried on my merry way. When back in town, I found a pub and settled in for a coke or two whilst doing some laptop work.
Later, I decided to go for another wander and my thoughts (predictably) turned to the dress. I found myself going back to Matalan to have another look. This time, the urge was too much and I decided that I should try it on. They only had size 10 and 12 and I wanted to make sure it fitted OK. Well, I took it off the rail on its hanger and draped it over one arm to carry it to the changing rooms. At this point I felt a mixture of nerves and excitement as you can probably imagine. Male and female changing rooms were next to each other and ‘manned’ by a very attractive young lady who was talking to another female member of staff. I waltzed over, showed her the dress and said ‘OK to take this in to try?’. She looked a little surprised at first and I said ‘I realise it’s probably not the norm’ and smiled. She smiled back and said ‘yeah, no problem’. Going into the cubicle I felt great and couldn’t wait to get my male gear off and slip the dress on. I could hear another guy in the next cubicle talking to his wife about the fit of his trousers. I couldn’t help but giggle to myself as I admired the fit of the dress. God, it felt great. Not sure whether anyone saw me through the gap in the curtain – actually, I kind of hope they did.
So, after a short while, I took the dress off and changed back. Then, I walked out of the changing rooms with the dress over my arm, said thanks to the assistant and went to pay. Of course, there was a long cue and there I was, clearly a guy, waiting to pay for what was clearly a dress. All the till operators at this point were girls. This was until they called for more cover and, of course, I got the one lad. To his credit, he handled the transaction (or is that trannysaction) well. Once paying for this bargain, I wandered out of the shop and back to be picked up in town.
Can’t wait to have a proper adventure in the dress and, of course, I’ll keep you posted.


Well, I guess it wasn't my choice to be a TV, I believe us 'girls' are born into it. Not entirely sure whether I'd have chosen it if it were mine to choose. But, I thought since I am a TV, I ought to embrace and enjoy it.
Part of the reason for starting this blog is to have some fun recalling many of the moments in 'Mel's' memory that have been such fun. So, I'll try to update as regularly as I can to bring both news and to share some of my fondest and sometimes funniest moments as Mel.
For the record, most of my time is spent in male mode - you know, in drab, trouser wearing guise. How boring in comparison to putting on some slap, a gorgeous dress, heels and the rest. Shame it doesn't happen very often...

Sunday, 16 January 2011


Hi, this is my (well, Mel's) first attempt at a blog - finally getting around to it. Why? Well, I guess I've read blogs from other people in my situation and found them interesting and understand that they can also be interesting to write. So, here we are.
By way of an introduction, I'm a guy who likes to dress occasionally (when I get the chance) in gear usually associated with the opposite sex - yeah, a tranny, if you like. I've had this compulsion since teenage years and now much older, I'm more relaxed about it. That doesn't mean that I'm completely 'out', although a few people are in the know.
I'll try to keep you updated regarding my experiences in what I call 'Mel mode' as I go. So stay tuned for the next installment.

M xxx